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Professional, attentive and very patient MANAGERS! CLIENTS WE LOVE! They feel our printing at home.

Typography "Zelta Rudens" provides the whole range of printed products manufactured at its own production facilities.

Complex printing and other services, from production models, graphic design, layout changes and corrections to the production of print and gift products and delivery.

Typography has available the most modern equipment and well-all the processes, which allows printing of high-quality products in the shortest possible time at competitive prices.

Any printing, without leaving the office - is the principle on which the printing press "Zelta Rudens" builds its relations with its partners. Modern printing technology, its own production, printing services - full cycle of printing, from the layout and circulation before delivery to the customer, allow us to offer a full range of printing services of the highest quality at very affordable prices.


Our printing is ready to offer you a wide range of printed products. This is a promotional advertising printing, which includes flyers, brochures, posters, various stickers, posters, labels. This representative printing: business cards, letterhead, envelopes, postcards, notebooks and folders with the company logo. High demand printing products such as advertising and branded packaging, including the highest quality, such as gifts or spirits, numerous souvenirs, including specialized wobblers, shelf talkers and shelfstopery, another printing for promotions. In the broadest range of printing, it is worth noting, and a variety of calendars and, of course, marked the release of this printing, as full publications, including full-color, high-quality magazines, brochures and catalogs.

We are continually working to customer was completely satisfied with the granted printing services. We can surely be proud of our printing experts who lead the order from beginning to end, the entire process chain, and all issues are resolved with the customer almost online. And the quality of our printing printing services is the fact that over half of our customers are already after the first contract concluded with us long-term partnership agreement.

As already stated, our printing is ready to give you a full range of printing services, from production models, graphic design - you can even order a print shop in our development of its corporate identity or brand - to the production of printed materials and souvenirs. Printing services allow you to create information, but it is nothing more than a mediator between the consumer and the manufacturer. Printing of advertisements is an important source of information about a particular product, and so it should be done qualitatively.

And a small but nice bonus for all customers, which directly related to printing, printing and printing services has not, but always in demand - is the delivery of goods for only 5Ls in Riga.

What is typesetting and printing:

The main direction of our printing - offset printing, because it is one of the best printing technology allows to produce very high quality and at the same time with low-cost printed products. However, printing by offset only good when needed respected printing standards - our printing strictly ensures that all requirements for the production of printed products and offset printing strictly followed. Only in the presence of the latest technical equipment for printing, good color and compliance with all industry standards becomes possible quality offset printing. Unlike other printing technologies, offset printing, we have a direct, not a mirror image printing. This is made possible thanks to a special blanket cylinder. Now customers and consumers can enjoy printing the brightness, sharpness, great color production printing «Zelta Rudens».

Offset can be applied to the image, as on paper, and on vinyl, plastic surface.

Offset printing house - ideal production of full-color flyers, magazines, booklets, brochures, etc. If you need more copies of a particular commodity, offset printing will provide the necessary graphic and at the lowest price.

Typography "Zelta Rudens" offers not only a classic, full-color printing, but also the original design advertising printed products. And, if you prefer, our printing experts ready themselves to develop, design layout, agreeing with you all the necessary conditions for its printing.

In addition to offset printing, you can choose any other method of producing the desired printing. We also offer digital print very high quality on special printers, wide format printing, if you need a certain size printing products goes beyond the existing printing standards. And for those who need a "special", unusual printing, should pay attention to the unique printing technology called silk screening. Silkscreen unique in that it allows you to put images or text is not only a variety of paper, but also to almost any surface - glass, fabric, wood, metal.

Our printing is very popular on the large-format printing, which allows a very original and unusual to make the living room, and the walls of shopping complexes, exhibitions and other places requires a broad advertising or colorful accents.

In the printing industry, as in any industry, there are constant changes: improved technology, improving the quality of paints, paper, there are various additional printing services and, of course, the competition is growing. In line with this, the serious printing continuously upgrade their printing, production and printing services. Our printing also keeps up with the times - contact us, you'll know that you are dealing with a serious, modern, mobile and constantly developing printing company, the collaboration is sure to bring you good luck in business.